3 Line Plain Oval Grey Pearl Necklace Set

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Rs. 4,200

3 Line Plain Oval Grey Pearl Necklace Set

About the Pearls:

5mm to 6mm long, 5mm thick, grey oval pearls of good quality and high luster - AA Quality.

Suitable for:

a) On Few Formal wear to office - Suits best on white, half white, grey, black coloured dresses.

b) If you are looking for variety of pearls, this can be one in your collection.

c) On designer or casual wear - You Will look more beautiful.


Length of the necklace strands:

a) 18 Inches / 45 Cms and 17 Inches / 42 Cms , 16 Inches / 39 cms;  

Weight - 60 grams approximately.

Comes with matching colour 8mm pearl studs.

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