Grand 3 Line Graded Grey Pearl Necklace Set

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Rs. 8,900

Grand 3 Line Graded Grey Pearl Necklace Set

Pearls Information:

6mm to 11mm, round grey / ash coloured pearls of best quality and good luster - AAA Quality.

Note: The grey/ash colour of these pearls is not natural colour. They are dyed. White pearls are dyed in different colours.

Our Lifetime Guarantee holds good for the quality of the pearls as well as the dye in such dyed pearls.  You can definitely buy with confidence if you are looking for this colour.

Suitable for:

a) Plain Pearls, will surely last for decades to come in as is condition and are always a delight for all pearl lovers.

b) You can wear these to office on casual days, elite parties or functions on rich dresses. (Indian or Western).  Will surely look gorgeous and you will surely get the attention of everyone around you.

c) A lovely and rich gift for your loved ones on any special occasion.


Shorter Strand - 17 Inches,

Middle Strand - 18 Inches and the longer strand will be around 19 Inches approximately.

Will look great for women with normal to large sized necks.

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