Pearl Necklace set in Mother of Pearl Pendant

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Rs. 4,500

Pearl Necklace set in Mother of Pearl Pendant

About the pearls in this pearl set:

6mm, round, off white (Little creamish), pearls from Hyderabad. Best quality and good shine - AAA Quality.

Pendant is made using Oyster shell which is beautifully cut into petals and those petals are knitted with a white metal wire.  A bunch of pearls is also knitted and glued/tied at the center of each flower.

Width of the pendant (when straight) - 8 cms long

Height of the pendant (when straight) - 3 cms.

Length of necklace set - 18 inches excluding the length of the pendant.

Accessories used: None

Suitable for:

1. Thinking of a simple yet different gift for any of your loved ones? You can go for this one.

2. A beautiful set which goes well on ethnic Indian wear.  You can always use your imagination though.

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