Adjustable Seed Pearl Finger Ring in Pink Pearls

Brand: Pure Pearls Product Code: PBFRP2CM Availability: Out Of Stock
Rs. 800

Adjustable Seed Pearl Finger Ring in Pink Pearls

Pearls Information: 2mm, Best quality seed pearls in pink / peach colour. Rating not applicable for Seed Pearls.

Size of the finger ring - Adjustable.  You can stretch open the ring part to fit even larger fingers.

Size of the head part - 2 cms in diameter. (Large one).

Weight - 10 to 15 grams.

Metal - Base metal, microplated with gold colour.  A good colour polish which will not become black if used with little care.

The Pearls are knitted with nylon thread, so there is no possibility for the pearls to fall off.

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