Super Stylish Pearl Set in Large AD Pendant

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Super Stylish Pearl Set in Large AD Pendant

Almost difficult to find this shade - very very light brown / chocolate colour pearls in oval shape.
9mm long with brilliant shine. Best quality and luster. AAA Quality pearls from Hyderabad.

Pendant - Not just a typical one as you can see in the picture. This set is for those who love style and totally different from this world.

Made in base metal and microplated with gold colour in rhodium finish.  Inside the pendant, you can see, shiny, beautiful 1cm diameter, american diamonds. Absolutely, no less than swarozki elements.

Height of the pendant - 3 cms approximately.

Diameter - 1 cm diameter.

Length of necklace - 16 Inches without the length of the pendant.  Looks good on women with normal to slim necks only. 

Suitable for:

1. Casual functions on stylish designer Indian or western wear.

2. A beautiful and totally different pearl necklace for your loved ones who love to showoff their stylish jewellery.

3. Will last as long as your true love in as is condition. Don't hesitate to gift this to the love of your life on valentine's day or on the day of your first meet.

Note: The light brown colour of these pearls is not natural. White pearls of best quality and dyed. Our guarantee holds good for the pearls as well as the authenticity of the pearls.

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