Trendy 5 Lines Pearl Bracelet in 4mm button pearls

Brand: Pure Pearls Product Code: 44600006 Availability: 1
Rs. 1,800

Trendy 5 Lines Pearl Bracelet in 4mm button pearls

Pearls Information: 3mm long, button pearls in ivory white colour with good shine. AA Quality.

Length when not stretched - 6 Inches.

Length when stretched - 9 Inches.  Women with bangle size upto 2x8 will be able to comfortably wear this bracelet.  Stretching it further might break the elastic used to knit the pearls.

Weight of the bracelet - 30 grams

Suitable for:

1. Looks cool on any trendy modern wear for girls and women.

2. Can wear this on a regular basis, if you like on any formal wear.

3. Simple and lovely gift for your loved ones that will last for a very long time in as is condition.


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