Rice Pearl Necklace Set with Radha Krishna Painted Stone Pendant

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Rice Pearl Necklace Set with Radha Krishna Painted Stone Pendant

About the pearls used in making this necklace set:
2.5mm to 3mm long, silvery white, highly shiny, finest rice pearls of best quality and shine. AAA Quality.
We are sure that there cannot be any better rice pearls in terms of quality and shine.

A rich and traditional set that you can gracefully wear to any high end functions or parties on suitable designer sarees.

You will surely look different, bold and gorgeous.

Length of necklace - 20 Inches to 21 Inches approximately.

Fits women with normal to larger necks.  Weight - approximately 80 grams.  (Most of the weight can be attributed to the pendant).


About the beautiful stone pendant:

Base material is - Finely Polished Soft Stone (similar to sand stone).

This is a hand drawn painting.

1. The stone is painted (with Radha and Krishna)

2. Once the painting is dried, a fine layer of transparent sheet is glued, so that the painting remains intact.

3. On top of the transparent sheet, tiny 1mm wide, kundans are glued as you can see in the picture.

Dimensions: 6 cms long x 4cms wide.


Handling instructions:

Since the pendant part of this necklace is delicate, please handle with care.  The pendant may break if you drop the necklace set.


Accessories used:

1. 12mm, faceted, blood red, chrome yellow and light blue onyx stones studded with tiny kundans are used around the pendant.

2. Real, oval shaped, white freshwater pearl of best quality and shine is used as a dangler to the pendant.

Pearl Type
Type Freshwater Pearls
Pearl Color
Colour White
Pearl Size
Size 3mm
Pearl Quality
Quality AAA
Pearl Shape
Shape Rice

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