Stunning South Sea Look Alike Pearl Necklace - Bold and Beautiful

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Stunning South Sea Look Alike Pearl Necklace - Bold and Beautiful

About The fantastic Golden Pearls in this Necklace

12mm to 15mm, Golden Colour (not dyed), Genuine Freshwater Pearls - A very very rare find in the BEST Quality and Lustre - AAA Quality.

More Information:

Usually Golden colour is dyed but this is not a dyed colour.  The Colour of the pearl nacre itself is Golden. (Yes, we did do the scraping test and even the interior part of the pearl is still golden in colour).

The Golden shade, the quality and the size is so so so close to South Sea, we even compared it with the golden south sea pearls we have and they are too close. 

If you have been longing to have a bold South Sea Pearl Necklace, this will be the best opportunity to grab this one. 

Size of pearls - 12mm to 15mm, slight graduation from small (at the neck) to big (at the center).

A perfect AAA Strand in quality.

Weight - 120 grams approximately.  A heavy set but the elegance and richness that this one adds to your beauty is undescribable.

Length - 16.5 Inches (pearl to pearl).  We give a dori / adjustable thread with the set, so that, women with large necks can also carry this with ease.

Suitable for:

1. Where not, wear this to a film fare on traditional Indian dress or on western wear, spot light should be on you!

2. Recommended for very rich parties / functions on equally rich attire.  You will be getting a million compliments for sure.

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