Stylish Pearl Necklace Set in Fresh Green Coloured Coin Pearls

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Stylish Pearl Necklace Set in Fresh Green Coloured Coin Pearls

Pearls Information:

1cm diameter, freshwater coin pearls dyed in fresh leafy green colour with high luster - Quality rating not applicable.


The necklaces are available in 16 Inches, 18 Inches and 20 Inches lengths, choose your option and add the product to cart.

The colour of the pearls is dyed. Our guarantee holds good for the pearl as well as the colour.  This will not go away anytime.

Weight: 35 grams (16 Inches necklace), 38 grams (18 Inches)  and 45 grams (22 Inches) approximately.

Price mentioned is for 16 Inches long necklace.

Which size should you choose/pick:

1. If you (or the person who will be wearing this) is slim, go for 16 Inches.

2. If you (or the other person) are average weight and want a necklace which will be as long as regular necklaces. (Just right at the chest level).

3. If you (or the other person) are large to very large, go for 22 Inches.


Suitable for:

1. Looks super stylish on any matching coloured designer sarees or modern wear.

2. A lovely gift for your loved ones who love style but want to be very different.

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