What is the cost of Pearls today?

pearls cost today

Very often we get calls from many customers and visitors asking “What is the pearl price today?” or “How much a pearl set cost” etc., Here, we would like to let you know how pearls are priced and what factors

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Why is Hyderabad famous for pearls?

Buy Pearls Online

Pearls and Hyderabad go together. And it’s been like this for centuries. Hyderabad, also famous for its lip-smacking biryani and the rich nawabs, has earned itself the sobriquet “The City of Pearls”. How did an inland city which is 300

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How to wear your pearl necklace?

Which pearl necklace will suit me on what dress

Pearls are such magnificent accessories that they can practically be paired with any kind of outfit – from a t-shirt and jeans to an elegant black dress and everything in between. Whether you are trying to achieve that bling look

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Thewa and Pearls – An Unbeatable Combination

Pearl and Thewa Jewellery - Rajasthani Design

Indian Jewellery has inspired many designers across the world. Though over the years, it has evolved and transformed, many traditional jewellery designs have not lost their charm. One such art form is Thewa. Thewa is an ancient jewellery craft that

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Why pearls make a super cool gift idea

Pearl Jewelry - The best gift for your loved ones on any occasion

If you’re one of those who take ages to decide on choosing a gift, you’re not alone. Very often, picking the right gift can be a challenging affair. And if the person happens to be someone dear to you, it’s

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Pearls – The perfect bridal jewellery

Rich Bridal Jewellery from Pure Pearls India

Pearls have been treasured and valued ever since they were discovered thousands of years ago. Before they were cultured, only the royalty was allowed to wear pearls. In fact, during the Renaissance, pearls had such a high social standing that

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Salute to Unsung Women Heroes of India

Pure Pearls - Womens day offer 8% off site wide

It’s that’s time of the year when countries over the world salute extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to the society. This International Women’s Day, Pure Pearls celebrates a few unsung women heroes of India, some who have exhibited

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How to find your finger ring size at home

How to know your finger ring size

Ordering a ring online can be quite dicey, especially when you don’t know your correct ring size. The best way to find out is to have it professionally measured by your local jeweler. But if you want to save yourself

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Types of Pearls

Types of pearls avaialble at Pure Pearls India

Pearls have captivated the hearts of women for thousands of years.  They’ve adorned the rich and famous, alike, ever since we can remember.  Even today they continue to remain the most sought after gems. But these gems are very hard

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Real vs fake pearls. How to spot the difference?

Spot Difference between real and fake pearls

Pearls have been among the most valued gems in the world. Symbolizing purity and chasity, they’ve not only been If you’re in the habit of buying pearls, your most fundamental question when buying from an unknown dealer would probably be

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The many astrological benefits of Pearls

Astrological Benefits of Pearls

A lot of people who love wearing pearls often have a lingering question. “Will a pearl suit my astrological sign? Will it have a negative effect on me?” Sometimes with no conclusive answer, they end up not buying them. But

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Caring for your pearls

How to take care of your pearl Jewellery

I’ve always been fascinated by pearls. Even as a little girl, I used to love them – more than any other jewellery – because I felt they were feminine and elegant !!  If you gave me a choice between pearl and

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