Terms & Conditions

Refunds and Cancellations:

Note: We are not the people who just want to lay some rules and go by them even if they hurt our customers.  We are leniant most of the times, so don't worry about these.  Shop happily and you will be more happy post receiving the product. (If you still want to read through, please do..)

Order Cancellation:

As long as your order has not been shipped, we can cancel it and refund your amount.

To cancel the order go to My Orders and use cancellation self service interface or you can get in touch with us as soon as possible with your order number.

Order Modification:

We understand that in cases, you may want to alter the ordered size or colour option of a product in your placed order. You may even require to have your shipping address updated. These changes are allowed till we have begun processing your order. For such requests, please get in touch with Customer Care immediately.

Refunds(Applicable to Orders Shipped to Indian Addresses Only):

We shall process your refund immediately once your Order has been cancelled. Your refund shall only be in the form of Store Credits. However if you wish to have the amount refunded to your bank account please get in touch with us at 09884091767 or write to support@purepearls.in. Only Customers who have paid via Debit or Credit card or net banking can avail this option.

As mentioned in our shipping policy, if we are unable to deliver the product because of the customer's unavailability at the mentioned address even after repeated attempts, shipping charges (Rs.100 minimum) will be deducted (in case of India Addresses) and rest of the amount will be refunded.  In case of any other reasons, we take the shipping charges on us and refund you the complete amount paid to us including shipping charged (if paid) by you in terms of Gift voucher or store credits.

Orders Cancelled from Purepearls:

We don't want to do this, but some times this could be because either the product is out of stock or it has been rejected for quality reasons or due to incorrect pricing. We will try to reach you on the number provided. In case if we are not able to reach you through your number, an email is always sent letting you know our unability to fulfill your order.  We will wait for 2 days for your acknowledgement and then cancel the order.  In case if we fail to receive the acknowledgement, we will proceed with cancellation and your money will be refunded.   We request you to check your spam folders too for our email.

Change of Products post ordering:

That's not possible. You can cancel the order and place a fresh order as long as your order is not out for delivery.

Pearl sizes mentioned:

Please note that pearls are typically measured based on their diameter in mm (millimeters).  In order to keep it simple for us and for our customers, we treat all pearls sizes under 4mm as small.  From 4mm to 7mm, we term as medium sized and above 7mm, we regard them as large. Above 10mm, the pearls are treated as very large in size.  Again, all these are approximations and may not be precise.

These sizes again differ from the type of pearls. The above mentioned sizes are for round pearls or button pearls. Small, Medium and large sizes will be different for rice pearls. Request all our users and customers to bear this mind when making a purchase.  If you have any questions regarding the item you would like to buy, you may give us a call at 988 409 1767 any time just to make sure if you are buying what you want.

How is pearl jewellery priced:

When you visit a normal store (or most of the stores), the ones that look in good quality and appealing to the eye will obviously be priced higher than the less appealing ones, even when the quality of the products are almost same.  However, when it comes to purepearls, quality is the same for every type of pearl (let it be button/round/rice/mother etc.,) and we guarantee for the quality of every pearl that is sold. They are 100% real and freshwater pearls. That's about the quality part.

Then, the amount of labour involved in making a jewellery is also priced into the cost displayed. A small pearl necklace may be more expensive than a regular sized pearl; the labour time involved in making the jewellery accounts for that price. 

In some jewellery, beads, accessories may be used and in some, semi precious stones may be used. In expensive ones, enamel and real precious stones are used. All these factors into pricing.  We assure you that you get genuine pricing for all the items in our store, online / offline.

For orders from Outside India:

a) All Sales are Final.

b) We send you exactly the products in 'as-is' condition that you order from us through DHL.  

c) If you don't receive the products - We refund your money in full.

d) If you receive damaged products - You must take a picture of the products immediately and send them to us.  Delay of more than 2 days is not allowed to claim that the product(s) is/are defective. 

- If the pictures are sent in time, you need to ship back the products to us and we can replace them or give you store credits / gift voucher to buy other products.

- If the pictures are not sent in time, no damage claims are allowed.

e) Customs - You will have to pay any/all customs incurred on your products.  If you refuse to take the package from customs, we will request our logistics partner to return the package to us.  On return, when the product is entering India, we may incur customs and that amount + shipping charges will be deducted from the amount you paid and rest of the money will be refunded to you.